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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted ageism in society's treatment of seniors. They felt particularly infantilized, and suffered more isolation than ever before. This feeling is not new, however, as seniors are rarely part of the equation in public policy, in the cultural milieu or in the planning of our territories.
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Recent studies show that social isolation and loneliness are as risky for health as smoking or obesity. The fact that a person is isolated, feels alone or lives alone, whatever their age, increases their probability of dying prematurely by almost 30%. One-third of seniors in Quebec live alone, and one-fifth report having no close friends. It's also imperative to think about sustainable development and the impact of climate change on seniors. Science shows that the elderly, in vulnerable situations or weakened by their state of health, are exposed to increased risk from climate change and the weather conditions it brings. At the same time, sustainable mobility is a fundamental issue in maintaining the autonomy of seniors in their communities. Lack of access to public transport can become an aggravating factor in isolation and a major obstacle to civic participation. Yet seniors are rarely taken into account in development and land-use planning projects likely to affect their social and health conditions.

Set up innovative projects.

to encourage seniors to express themselves and integrate into their communities through social participation, taking into account immigrant seniors and the LGBTQ+ community;

Encourage cultural and television productions that value seniors and their role and contribution to society;


Support and promote actions and organizations that actively fight to break the isolation of seniors;


Include a "seniors' impact clause" in public policy development, inspired by the "youth impact clause" in briefs submitted to Cabinet;


Take into account the specific needs of seniors in terms of sustainable development, transportation, housing accessibility, food security and land use planning.

We believe that governments should adopt a concerted action plan on the aging of the population; the aim being to ensure that governments take into account the well-being of seniors and their social participation in the development of public policies.

Hold a general assembly on the place of seniors in our society. In addition to examining the current crisis, these meetings would have a much broader scope and focus on the place of seniors and retirees in Quebec society.

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