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Despite the accelerating pace of population aging, governments are slow to implement concrete measures and adopt policies to defend and protect the rights of seniors. The Coalition for the Dignity of Seniors believes that our society must quickly adapt to this new demographic reality and ensure that seniors age with dignity.
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The Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms states that the elderly have the right to be protected against any form of "exploitation". But how can we ensure that these rights are respected at all times in our institutions?

Amend the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and create a Seniors' Ombudsman.

It would be independent of the healthcare network and the government and, like the Québec Ombudsman, would be able not only to receive complaints, but also to conduct investigations to ensure safety and put a stop to elder abuse.
Many residences are increasing the cost of services and have refused to reimburse residents for services not provided during the pandemic. However, when it comes to lease disputes, there is no possibility of collective action or collective representation by seniors' organizations. It is therefore up to the resident (who is generally over 80 years of age) to contest the increase with the Régie du logement.

Provide for the possibility of taking collective action, including through seniors' rights associations;


Set up a section at the Régie du logement devoted to problems specific to private seniors' residences (RPAs);


Establish that a decision rendered at the Régie du logement concerning RPPs on a subject that concerns the majority of the building's residents is applicable to all residents with similar clauses or increases;


That the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux establish a fee schedule for services with price ceilings or a system for controlling the indexation of the cost of these services.

Au-delà de l’aspect juridique inhérent à cette question, il est impératif pour la CDA de poursuivre et de pousser la réflexion sur les soins palliatifs et sur l’accessibilité à l’aide médicale à mourir. Il s’agit d’une question de respect envers la volonté et la dignité de toute personne qui se trouve en fin de vie.

Ensure access to palliative care in the home, CHSLDs and hospitals;


Increase funding for hospices and encourage them to offer medical assistance in dying;


Participate in the debate on access to medical assistance in dying.

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